Group Life Coaching Sessions

by Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous

Group Life Coaching sessions are performed with groups of 10 people. Through the use of different techniques/exercises, powerful questioning and discussions the participants’ self-awareness is raised. The members of the group have the opportunity to become aware of the areas in their life that need improvement, they become aware of the limitations that keep them away from their dreams, they design a life plan and set goals. They work towards becoming satisfied with every sector of their life in order to achieve balance. Through reflections and an environment filled with acceptance, active listening and love, members are able to transform their lives.

Life Coaching group sessions are ideal for people who want to be part of a group of like-minded individuals, individuals who are into personal development and who see the importance of investing in their personal growth. Group Life Coaching sessions are the ideal place to make new friendships with people with a common mindset, but also a chance for people that find it hard to open up to overcome their own barriers and limitations.

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