I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous through some coaching sessions we had 3 months ago. I went to her with a character full of doubts and negative thoughts about my life. I was in a situation where I literally lost myself. With her character, her positive aura and positive thinking, I found the self-esteem and confidence I had lost and needed so much to stand on my feet, to look up, live, feel and see life in a positive way. I had the chance with her, to explore who I am, to increase my awareness and mostly to love my self. She put me on the right track. After my sessions I haven’t stopped thinking and doing what she has taught me. She has her own unique way to coach, and mostly she taught me to be grateful for everything I have in my life. Dr. Charalambous as a professional is a person who loves to teach, coach and care about others. She is passionate, reliable, courteous and affectionate. ~Myria Skitsa, Graphic Designer

Last summer I had the opportunity of collaborating with Dr. Anna-Pavlina Charalambous, during the personal development program organized by YoungstarsCyprus. Pavlina presented her full day workshop on Emotion Regulation. A very vivid and engaging workshop to which teenagers responded with enthusiasm. We extended our collaboration by repeating the workshop during Youngstars Summer Camp. In addition, Pavlina presented another full day workshop on Improvisation and Creativity. We had a blast!! She created a beautiful atmosphere where everyone felt inspired to participate and the outcome was a unique experienced to be treasured by all. Pavlina is great to work with and has a unique way in engaging with young people, I look forward to collaborating with her in the future. ~Elena Michael, CEO, YoungstarsCyprus

Pavlina coached me for the last four months and my life has changed in a lot of ways since then, especially the way I am thinking about my problems. Pavlina makes me feel that she is always next to me and supports me with the right questions, guides me with love kindness and compassion to find my answers. The most important thing that she has helped me with is to understand that everything is possible. It is really vital for me to have someone in my life who can understand me, really listen when I talk and help me to find a solution in every problem in my life. I feel blessed that I found Pavlina in my life path. ~Irida Triviza, Line Manager

By attending different kinds of seminars, participating in several self-development sessions and collaborating on some projects together with Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous, I gained a lot. This journey not only has helped me to extend my mindset and be more receptive to new opportunities, but it has also decreased the fear of failure and increased my resilience when things do not go exactly as planned. It was an honor being coached by Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous. ~Ioanna Sokratous, Customer Service Executive

I had the pleasure and benefit of participating in a group self-development session but also in some one to one sessions with Dr. Charalambous. She helped me view what I thought were disabilities and weaknesses, simply as different abilities. Through our sessions, I noticed myself being happier and living a simpler life. Her coaching was truly life changing and I’m thankful for having met her. ~Hara Chattala, Psychology Student

When I identify a single sentence to describe my experience with Pavlina, my mind inevitably concludes that she is “a blessing in disguise.” I had a real pleasure meeting Pavlina. She makes you feel that everything is achievable no matter what. Pavlina is very professional, kind and understanding and really helped me curve the next step of my life in a deep way. If you need a coach, I highly recommend her. ~Sonia Saïdi, Founder of My Infinite Ways

I had the pleasure to do a number of one to one coaching sessions with Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous. Through our contact, I was able to express feelings and thoughts that I was carrying with me for so long and I never had the chance to say to anyone. I didn’t feel free to express my feelings with Pavlina only because she is a psychologist but also, because she made me feel comfortable talking to her. I can certainly say and feel that those sessions changed me completely. At first, I couldn’t even get my thoughts in place, I couldn’t cope with all that in my head, but session by session I was able to open up. Now, I have learned to recognize how I feel about everything and how to deal with each emotion. Additionally, my confidence and self-esteem have definitely been boosted and that wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Pavlina . I love how she dealt with any problem that I was having, she always questioned me in order to think logically and helped me give an explanation to the situation. She is one of the most kind, trustworthy and happy people I know and I feel like I can always be myself around her. ~Andrea Philippou, Musician

This Summer I have participated in workshops performed by Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous. The information I learned, guided me through a process of questioning everything about myself and the society around me. Through her trainings with a focus on “Emotion Regulation”, she made me realize the power and possibilities we have as human beings, as well as how drastically we can change our life and the life of the people surrounding us.

Dr. Charalambous, as a professional managed to show me that with only a few positive thoughts and simple exercises, everyone can change their mood.

To sum up, I honestly believe that Dr. Charalambous is an expert in her field, and specifically in teenage-psychology as she assisted me on how to think more positively. She provided advice that will follow me through my life! ~Vasiliki Karagiorgi, English School Student

Working with Pavlina in our one to one self-development sessions, enabled me to search deep within myself and to change finally for good. Talking with her helped me deal with all fears and doubts I had regarding progressing myself, progressing in my work, achieving my dreams and goals. Most of my fears were created by me and as our work helped me to let them go, I started feeling liberated and ready to go forward. My biggest lesson was, to never leave for tomorrow, what I can do today. Our sessions helped me to prioritize my thoughts, to focus on the things I wanted to achieve and to set goals to gain them. This brought fast and easy results, while before our sessions getting these results looked hard or even unreachable. ~Theo, Actor

Every time I walked away from a conversation with Pavlina, I felt nothing short of inspired, motivated and empowered. Pavlina has an incredible ability of making you realise things about yourself, bringing out parts of you that you perhaps didn’t even know were there and helping you use these dimensions to the fullest. I’m a different ‘me’ since spending time with Pavlina, because the feelings of motivation, inspiration and empowerment she evokes linger in my everyday life. She guides with kindness and vast knowledge, making time spent with her a journey of incredible self-development. For this and many more, I am grateful. ~Nayialena Avraam, International Development Student

Pavlina is an amazing life coach! First of all, she has such a happy and positive personality that makes everything seem so simple and that there is a solution to everything, if we accept responsibility and take action. She is the person who is always next to you and can support you in anything that you may want to achieve!! ~Stephanie Georgiou, Manager at MSG TRADELINK LTD

I met Pavlina a couple of years ago, when we co-organized one of her first workshops. On that workshop we had an exercise, to write down some thoughts on a specific topic. It was such a powerful exercise, that I still have that note on my office’s pin board! ~Yiannis, Co-CEO StudentLife

I had some one to one personal development sessions with Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous and I really appreciated the help that she provided to me through them. I liked that she was asking me questions, letting me respond the way I felt and I liked that we developed the conversation together. She helped me change the way I see things, change the way I react to things and most importantly she helped me love myself. She helped me feel positive and she showed me how to be positive when times are rough. She introduced to me the concept of being present and helped me see what is toxic around me and what is good for me. Having her as my coach was a great experience and I really loved our sessions. Dr. Charalambous as a professional is motivating and positive and it was a pleasure working with her ~Andrea Louca, Dance student

I came to coaching to make my life happier and to change / improve my perception about some parts of myself. Pavlina’s coaching has been instrumental in empowering me to take a long look about my life. With her guidance I learned to love myself more, to put myself as priority (in a good way) and I learned how to use my positive energy to overcome anything that appears. Pavlina is a bright light! She is a thoughtful and insightful coach. The best part is the caring approach she takes in helping a person to transform. Also her suggestions of tactics, books and other resources were beyond helpful. She always encourages you to find and express your own true self. Coaching with Pavlina is a truly unique and amazing journey! I will always be so grateful! Pavlina you are a blessing! ~Eleni Polyviou, Deputy Internal Auditor

I have heard a lot about Dr Charalambous and how her life-coaching helps people to shine so I decided to contact her. We had our first session together in January 2020 and it was one of the best investments I have done for myself. Her way of thinking, kindness and professionalism along with her approach helped me to realize who I really want to be and set my goals to achieve a balance in my life. Dr. Charalambous as a coach has a very friendly approach and face your concerns and thoughts with understanding. I really enjoyed the coffee talks we had and I am grateful that God sent her in my path. ~Natasa K, HR officer/Dance Teacher

I had the honour to meet Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous, while I was facing a challenging time in my life. From the first sight I was sure that this person would help me with my personal development. We had a number of coaching sessions, where by using the right methods and asking the right questions, she managed to lead me to figure out what the priorities should be in my life and how valuable I am to myself. I absolutely recommend Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous to anyone who wants to see serious changes in their life and their value, as I tried so many other professionals out there, and I can easily see the difference! ~Vasilia Pastela University Officer

When I started one to one sessions with Dr Anna-Pavlina Charalambous, I was in a really dark period of my life and she helped me find again my inner light and to get back my positive thinking of life. With her guidance I started making steps that brought me closer to my personal goals. Her positivity made me feel happy again and gave me the energy that I needed to make my dreams reality. In this journey with my beloved coach, I have already conquered many of my fears and my anxiety is much less. I erased the word ‘procrastination’ from my vocabulary of life because of her.  She filled my heart with hope and love. I am more than sure that she will transform this world to a more beautiful and brilliant place with her light.  ~Effrosyni A, Greek Teacher

I had the pleasure to have a number of coaching sessions with Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous. She is kind and has a lot of patience. She always asks questions that make you think and furthermore motivate you to start finding solutions to your own problems. The coaching sessions made me a better person with more confidence, more focus and I have developed my anger management. The sessions also helped me prioritize what is important to do within the day and as a result I have developed my business. The most important lesson that I gained through the sessions was to learn how to avoid all negativity and stress, how to utilize my energy in learning new things and how to put new goals for my life. You will not waste your time by joining ~Grigoris Damianou, Insurance Agent at Eurolife

Generally in my life I look for people who have the skills to help me level up. Nine months ago I met Dr. Anna Pavlina Charalambous and after our first meetings she helped me put some things in order that bothered me for years (faulty beliefs). She helped me discover new aspects of myself and broaden my horizons, both professionally and personally. I realized that by working on ourselves, we can achieve our goals, dreams and ambitions. I am happy and grateful to work with Dr. Charalambous. ~Neoptolemos Loutsios, Insurance Agent

I participated in one of Pavlina’s educational trainings and I am grateful I did! A lovely experience where I gained helpful tools as well as a new perspective for some things. Pavlina is a great leader and guided us through this lovely journey. Being part of a team helps you learn from one another and feel you are in a supportive environment. Thank you Pavlina for the experience and continuous support! ~Irene Lazarou, Manager

When I started my coaching sessions with Pavlina I was in a pretty dark phase in my life. I had one single big obstacle that I wanted to tackle. That single obstacle, which I thought was impossible to overcome, disappeared in the first 3 weeks. I had another 3 months of coaching sessions booked and slowly but surely we tackled every single issue and aspect of my life. I got over my obsessions and was finally able to wake up joyful after years of feeling a huge gap. It sounds cliche but Pavlina changed my life. It is a beautiful and humbling experience to have another human being listen to you so attentively with zero amount of judgment. Pavlina gave me the opportunity to heal myself. And I still have the tools she gave me to continue creating peace and happiness in my life~Andreas, Entrepreneur

I never thought that a couple of one-to-one self-development sessions would be helpful in my everyday life. Dr Anna Pavlina Charalambous proved that wrong and I am really happy I got to realize that at an early stage of my personal and professional life. While I started those sessions in order to empower myself in leadership position professionally, it helped me more on a personal level. This is because Dr. Charalambous helped me to identify some key characteristics of myself. There were some hidden obstacles that were keeping me from growing the way I should be, and with Dr. Charalambous’ help, I managed to find them, tackle or challenge them and overcome them. Through the sessions you don’t get to find solution to your problems; you will see why you should solve them fast and if they are actual problems. I would recommend Dr. Charalambous to anyone who really wants to see an impact in his/her life.~Constantinos Tsiartas, Account Supervisor