Can we be constantly happy?

Can one be constantly happy if his/her happiness depends on external factors?

We humans are usually waiting for something to happen that will make us happy.

We say: “I will be fine when the exam is over, I will be happy when the rain stops, I will be happy when I change my job, I will feel perfect when I travel, I will be great when I meet this girl or I will feel wonderful when I marry the man I want. “

But by doing everything that we thought would bring us joy, can we conquer happiness?

Could it be that happiness is not about feeling joy after a positive comment or after a success?

Is it possible to conquer happiness by working on ourselves?

You might have heard the phrase ” When you are smiling, the whole world smiles with you ” and indeed this is the case.
By changing our inner world, everything else slowly falls into place.

When we know how to create our own happiness, we do not expect anyone or something to cure us, save us or entertain us.

If something happens in our lives that is joyful, it will be of course welcomed and it will make our joy more intense, but our mood will not depend on it.

Also, when our happiness does not depend on external factors then we don’t create dependent relationships.

When we feel well, decisions are not fear-based and we trust our inner voice more.

In other words, we stop entering situations in order to be saved or to temporarily forget our current bad state. Instead, we make choices that will and can intensify our already good psychological state and help us evolve.

When we are happy and relaxed, we see opportunities and we become more creative.

Let me help you see how!

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