The Magic of Flow

We can experience flow, when singing, dancing, playing guitar, football or other sports.

The magical thing about flow is that it can take our worries away and while in it we can lose self-consciousness.

When we are in flow we lose the track of time.

When in flow we focus on the present, not the past and not the future.

It makes us forget that we are tired. We can do the thing we love for hours and get great satisfaction while doing it.

Flow is something, we can all experience and most of us do from time to time.

It is a state experienced through professional but also leisure activities.

What is important, is that it is linked to the experience of positive emotions and commitment to long-term and meaningful goals.

However, for flow to be experienced, our skills need to match the challenge we face.

For example dance students will experience flow when the dance routines shown by their teacher match the level of skill they possess.

When the  skills are higher than the challenge, they will experience boredom.

When the challenge is higher than the skills possessed they will experience anxiety.

Thus, the more activities you add in your life that allow you to experience flow,

the higher the life satisfaction and positive emotions you will experience.

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